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HL7 Consultant's Verdict On The Progress Report Of Ehrs

Many experts have discussed the differences between an EMR and an EHR system. Both of these software solutions are blessings to healthcare sector by IT healthcare experts and HL7 healthcare consultants.

Both EHR and EMR systems delivered great reports and maintained the relationship of patient and physician well since 2009. Now, in 2016, we find it worth looking at where we are on the EHR strategy.

Making a brief introduction to EHR, it is an integrated record that provides patent data across numerous providers into a single view. It contains data included, but not limited to-

  • Patient demographics (health card, family physician, address details, next of kin, etc.)
  • Visit history
  • Lab reports
  • X-rays, MRIs, ECGs, EKGs, etc.
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Immunization history
  • Diagnosis reports

Players like hospitals, private labs, physician clinics, Ministry of health and long term care, private imaging, etc. are involved to present information/data in an EHR.

There is a possibility when a patient could get some lab work in any hospital and then may need to move to private lab for tests. The private lab will have its own environment and machines, the hospital has its own systems, and this initiates the need of integrating both systems with one another for information sharing purposes. Earlier it was done via fax, phone, or email as virtual communication was not roped in.

To answer this tough situation, IT consultants made attempt and found a way to consolidate the information into a single view. Today, most of the hospitals and healthcare institutes are providing e-healthcare facilities to their patients.

There are EHRs, EMRs, patient portal systems, and patient engagement solutions that are helping patients and physicians to communicate virtually and making optimum use of available time.

Still there are certain things that cannot be dependent on these strategies. Like an EHR system may not enhance ability to acquire Cancer treatment or an MRI. Though patients and physicians may access required data and information using EHRs to help clinical decision making, but for tests, patients have to rush to labs anyway.

Healthcare community still wants to thank HL7 consultants and healthcare engineers to introduce such innovative strategy to maintain patient-physician relationship.  It is also expecting more of such innovative results that will help the entire healthcare segment to rise and provide best health care to the patients.


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